Tumblr dedicated Damian McGinty.
He was in Celtic Thunder, then he won
The Glee Project and on to Glee.
Now he is doing other projects.

My Thunder Dream -


damianmcginty Doing what I love.

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tospendalifeofendlessbliss asked: this blog is so perfect i can't even i'm dead

Oh, wow wow. I did not see this until now. Wow; thank you so much! I’m glad people still like it even though I’m not as active on it as I once was.  So thank you SO much! <3


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damianmcginty Love having these lads in town. Best pals from a very young age! A bit of home in California.

Yes lad

damianmcginty Night out with Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley.

damianmcginty Catching up with an old friend mark salling


Celtic Thunder’s songs
Celtic Thunder’s songs in Gaelic
(◕ ‿ ◕❀)


lianaliberato: triumphant trio. love these two. @ac1233 @damianmcginty