Tumblr dedicated Damian McGinty.
He was in Celtic Thunder, then he won
The Glee Project and on to Glee.
Now he is doing other projects.

My Thunder Dream -


damianmcginty Kansas show tonight. Having a blast touring with this weird genius

damianmcginty What happens when an Irishman is reunited with rain after 3 months? This.

damianmcginty Show number 1 of the Fall tour. My favorite place to be in the world.


"I don’t know about you but he’s feelin 22! Happy Birthday to my guy!!!"
-Anna Claire’s Instagram post

Happy 22nd Birthday, Damian McGinty!


"She’s the best"

damianmcginty Great catching up with RobertJUlrich this morning. Will always be grateful to this man for changing my life.