Tumblr dedicated Damian McGinty.
He was in Celtic Thunder, then he won
The Glee Project and on to Glee.
Now he is doing other projects.

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Amazing Damian McGinty

Artist: Damian McGinty & Matheus Fernandes

Artist: Damian McGinty & Matheus Fernandes

Ever since I met Damian, I thought he was a great guy. I recently followed up with a friend of mine who works on the Glee set and asked him how The Glee Project kids were doing and how they were fitting in. He said that when Damian first got to Glee, they teased him and treated him how they normally treat new kids, but after a week they all loved him. You can’t not like Damian. Everyone likes Damian McGinty.

-one of the casting directors from The Glee Project (and an old friend of mine), sharing his thoughts on Damian McGinty (via keithharkinfansite)


Damian McGinty attends Forever 21’s Glee Apparel Collection Celebration

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Flawless People - Damian McGinty