Tumblr dedicated Damian McGinty.
He was in Celtic Thunder, then he won
The Glee Project and on to Glee.
Now he is doing other projects.

My Thunder Dream -

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Florida, let’s go! Show 34 coming right up”



Damian McGinty


hannahmcialwain: Yes, damianmcginty has a large bird on his shoulder. And yes, I am jealous.

damianmcginty New York. One night only. With my brother from another mother paulbyrom.

paulbyrom Great surprise seeing this fella last night

damianmcginty Kansas show tonight. Having a blast touring with this weird genius

damianmcginty What happens when an Irishman is reunited with rain after 3 months? This.

damianmcginty Show number 1 of the Fall tour. My favorite place to be in the world.